ohm belt buckle
ohm belt buckle ohm belt buckle ohm belt buckle
$ 35.00

This Ohm belt buckle is for those with a peaceful spirit and an eye for fashion.

The Ohm dates back to 3000 BC. It is a sacred sound, symbol and word that is often repeated in meditation. It is associated with Hindu philosophy as the vibration of the universe or a state of consciousness.

The Ohm, also known as A-U-M. A stands for wakefulness, U for dreams and M for deep sleep.

Your new WEARABLE PIECE OF ART is completely hand made of steel, created with the finest craftsmanship by metal artist Jon WATTO Watson. It’s powder coated for a high gloss finish.
The back has a loop and hook attachment. It is stamped with the WATTO artist stamp! This is a single layer buckle.


  • Your new buckle will come packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag that you can use for storing to keep it looking new. But, it doesn’t stop there; it is then placed in a keepsake box that is hot foil stamped with the WATTO logo. And, each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity so you know it’s the real deal.
  • SIZE:approx 2.75" diameter
  • FITS: 1.5" wide belt
    Just slide your belt through the loop and snap or screw it depending on your belt then secure the hook into one of the holes on the belt!
  • Each buckle is uniquely made so size, shape, weight and finish/color may vary.
  • Our PRODUCTS are not intended for children 12 years and under.

These buckles are great for gift giving too. Just purchase and send!