Jon WATTO Watson at work

Life has many choices. What you choose to wear and surround yourself with expresses who you are and tells the world your story. Surround yourself with things that make you feel unique and special!

We started out making cool stuff for guys, but found that the ladies liked the simple edgy designs too, so our items were quickly seen as suitable for anyone with an inner rockstar! Originally, we started out making belt buckles which were geared to tattoo, motorcycle and music enthusiasts, but art and fashion lovers were drawn to our items. It’s always fun to see who wears our items, especially when they show up at the next festival wearing our buckles or charms. 

We have since expanded into all sorts of accessories, jewelry and home items.Some of our items have stayed the same over the years with a rocker inspired edge, but we have expanded to a more industrial style and are adding a bit of the southwest thrown in. We live in Tucson, Arizona after all and are influenced by the amazing culture around us.

We hope you enjoy your visit and that you can find something that inspires your world. We also create custom works, so feel free to contact us if you have an idea. 


Jon WATTO Watson - photo by Aaron Voigt


Hi, I’m Jon “WATTO” Watson. I’m the Metal sculpture who makes all the handmade goodies found on this site.I grew up in the South, went into the army at 17 and then off to design school. For over 15 years I was a graphic designer, but then got bored sitting behind a computer.I began apprenticing with a local metal shop in 2005 to learn the trade of welding. In 2007, I bought my own equipment and opened up shop at home and started “The Metal Gardener.”  I began making organic sculptures,  gates and lighting. My buddies called me “WATTO” which is how we came up for the name of our company.I take pride in making each piece a little work of art.


Mary Spencer-watson

Hi, I’m Mary Spencer, aka WATTO’s wife. I graduated with a degree in painting and graphic design and went on to be a Product Manager for Hallmark then on to work for a puzzle company and a scrapbooking company. I also worked as a graphic designer, floral and prop designer. After I got laid off in 2009, Jon and I decided to start a line of metal accessories.I take care of the business end, accounting, marketing, order taking, shipping and shows. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Nipper Spencer-Watson                                                                                                                                                

 RIP Jun 2018
Gone but not forgotten.

Woof, I’m Nipper.I’m the official nap taker and howl maker. I keep Mary company in her office. I may look sweet and cuddly but I make a great guard dog.


Tucker Spencer-Watson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

RIP Nov 2018
Gone but not forgotten.

Grrrr! I’m Tucker.I’m the whiner, growler and basic trouble maker of the crew. I like to sit in the office with my toy and grumble at everyone.I make sure to give Mary lots of kisses throughout the day and help her take the mail out every afternoon.