for Susan healing hand ornament
$ 42.50

The healing hand ornament is the perfect gift for your masseuse, doctor, yoga instructor or healing of any kind.

The spiral hand is a popular symbol in the southwest where it has been found as pictographs on cave walls. In recent years the symbol has been associated with faith healers possibly because the spiral symbol represents “creating order from chaos” and growth through evolution, while the hand symbolizes healing.

Made of rusty steel, this ornament is of course great for Christmas tree decorating and the holidays, but can also be used every day as a ceiling fan pull, a car mirror dangle or just a fun decor piece. 

SIZE: approx 3" h x 2.5" w

  • Comes with a ribbon. Please indicate at checkout which color you would like. Please note ribbon in product photo may vary slightly in color
  • We cannot control the rust color- every ornament rusts differently and will vary from picture shown- see last image for an example of variations.
  • Edges will vary from rough to somewhat smooth.
  • Great for gift giving too!

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